Hours of Operation/Sample Dropoff

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
or call for special arrangements.

We provide a sample drop off freezer if no one is available to take your samples. Instructions and a form are available in the Main lab.

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Individual SNP Detection - Technology


Allelic discrimination is achieved through the use of TaqMan chemistry. Each assay consists of two primers for amplifying the sequence of interest and two allele-specific probes. The MGB [minor groove binding] probe binds to the minor groove of the DNA helix to stabilize the probe-template complex and increase the melting temperature [Tm]. The increase in Tm permits the use of shorter probes [13 bases] which allows for improved allelic discrimination and flexibility in assay design.


ach MGB probe contains a non-fluorescence quencher and a allele specific reporter dye [either VIC or FAM]. When the probe is intact, the quencher suppresses fluorescence from the dye. When the probe aligns with the target sequence, the 5-nuclease activity of DNA polymerase causes the reporter dye to be cleaved from the probe, resulting in an increase in fluorescence signal. Increase in fluoresce occurs only if the amplified target sequence is complementary to the probe. Since the quencher itself does not fluoresce, the signal to noise ratio is improved and contributions by the allele specific dye are measured more accurately.