Hours of Operation/Sample Dropoff

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
or call for special arrangements.

We provide a sample drop off freezer if no one is available to take your samples. Instructions and a form are available in the Main lab.

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Data Analysis & Storage - Analysis

We provide services for the analysis and interpretation of data for most of our technology platforms, as well as access to software packages for our Users.

The following is a user-guide to microarray analytical/computational resources that are available to our users, both througth our Facility, and online. Many softwares are available on our Facility-User computer which Users can operate for a nomimal charge of $35/hour.

  1. Expression Console. On our dedicated facility analysis station computers, but also available free of charge online from This software converts scanned microarray images into spreadsheets of usable data.
  2. SAM (Significance Analysis of Microarray Data). On Facility-User computer, but available to academics, free of charge, as an Excel addin, from Robert Tibshirani website, UC Stanford, CA. SAM analysis was the original tool of choice when trying to confer significance upon observed differences in gene expression levels in the very complex arena of microarray.
  3. BAMarray (Bayesian Analysis of Microarray Data). On our dedicated facility computer. Also Available for download to any academic former Case Faculty at Dr. Sunil Rao’s website. Bamarray has largely replaced SAM at our facility. It is a bootstrapping statistical method that confers significance upon observed difference.
  4. QCmiRNA ver2. Analysis and QC of miRNA microarrays. On Facility-User computer. Available free of charge to users from
  5. Partek Genomics Suite ver 6.5. Pattern mining software available on the Facility-User computer. Also available free of charge to all academics in the state of Ohio from the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Columbus, OH.
  6. Pathway Studio ver 9. A biological Pathway mining software available on the Facility-User computer. Also available commercially from Elsevier (formerly Ariadne Genomics) for $2,500/seat/year.
  7. Sequence Detection System (SDS) version 2.3. Analysis software for real time PCR studies from Life technologies (formerly ABI). On the Facility-User computer.
  8. GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus). Online general microarray database resource. Accessible free of charge at NCBI website.
  9. Oncomine. Cancer microarray and rich-informatics database resource. Multi-year site-wide purchased license makes this resource available to all Case and CCF researchers. Highly curated cancer studies culled from GEO and other global microarray repositories. Available from for $50,000/year/institution. Case/CCF has the largest user group of any Premium Edition Oncomine license holder in the world.