Hours of Operation/Sample Dropoff

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
or call for special arrangements.

We provide a sample drop off freezer if no one is available to take your samples. Instructions and a form are available in the Main lab.

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RNA Quality Assessment - Technology

Microfluidics Separation Technology:

Caliper Life Sciences pioneered the LabChip microfluidic chip for sample separations. This technology employs the use of microchannels to transport and manipulate small volumes. The Experion system implements microfluidics technology to gel-based electrophoresis. It offers fast, accurate and high resolution separation analysis of nucleic acids.

Electrophoresis on a LabChip:

When microfluidic chips are used for electrophoresis, the process is similar to traditional gel-based methods. The main difference is the ability to miniaturize and combine multiple processing steps (separation, staining, destaining, imaging and basic data analysis) into a single automated process. In addition, the system has low sample volume requirements, requiring only 1ul of sample per run.