Hours of Operation/Sample Dropoff

Monday - Friday: 9am-5pm
or call for special arrangements.

We provide a sample drop off freezer if no one is available to take your samples. Instructions and a form are available in the Main lab.

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Affymetrix Genotyping Arrays - User Instructions

Sample Registration:

Users need to register their samples through using our on-line form. Please make sure to read the instructions carefully and to fill the form completely before submitting it to us.

Please email completed forms to

SHow to Bring Samples:

DNA must be double-stranded, free of PCR inhibitors, free of genomic DNA from other sources, of high quality and not pre-amplified or pre-digested. The GEGF has had success using pre-amplified material if specific protocols are followed (contact Martina Veigl for details). Important: In order for the Mapping Assay to function, the DNA sample must be suspended in reduced TE buffer [10mM Tris HCl, pH 8.0, 0.1mM EDTA, pH 8.0] or water. Regular TE buffer has a higher concentration of EDTA, which will interfere with downstream reactions. Reduced TE Buffer is produced by Teknova, P/N T0223, and is available through Fisher.

Samples must be 50 to 100ng/ul in reduced TE buffer or water (quantitation and dilution will be performed, if necessary). A minimum of 250ng is required for each digest; however we require extra DNA. Therefore, for a single digestion, we need 750ng of DNA and for the 2 digestion sets, 1.5 ugs [30 ul] is required. Samples must be brought in plate format.